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Our Mission is to make clean energy universally available by building a smart distributed solar and energy storage network, managed via the Internet, around the world.

It doesn’t end here. The Hyper Technologies aggressively do every possible things to accomplish the goals by integrate our technical consulting services, operations, maintenance and, product support.

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Our Work Process

Our company follows to the following business procedure in designing the optimal solar system for you.

Site Survey

The first step any solar company will do, send a field engineer to your home to evaluate whether your residence/business is suitable for solar power.


Fixing of multiple frames to the roof, along with panels. If you have a flat roof, then installation will take a time as they will need to be mounted at an angle.

Sign the Contract

After the site survey, the price for the solar system will be finalized and an agreement is signed between Solar Company and the property owner.


Install a monitoring system to keep an eye on the performance of your solar panels. When the performance goes down you'll know that maintenance is required.


After the roof top test, the solar company will sit down with you and assess how prevailing you want your system to be, and how much you have available in finances.


The panels themselves take minimal maintenance, although to maintain full efficiency, you will probably need to have them cleaned once a year.


Residential Solar Solutions

The Hyper Technologies is devoted to make available residential solar solutions in Pakistan. Welcome to Solar and Good Bye to conventional energy sources to reduce grid dependency.


Commercial Solar Solutions

The Hyper Technologies offering solar solutions to numerous commercial units such as hospitals, schools, offices, renowned companies, and groups of Pakistan.


Industrial Solar Solutions

The Hyper Technologies embraces the record of mounting the first and second-largest Grid Tied Solar Power Plants for Textile Manufacturers in Pakistan.


Agricultural Solar Solutions

The Hyper Technologies is there for the most particular, cost-effective, and energy-efficient Solar Water Tubewells in Pakistan.

Few Reasons to Choose Us

Cost Effective & Energy Efficient Solar Solutions. The Hyper offers the best solar energy solution in Pakistan to decrease your electricity bills downcast to zero.

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Easy Installation

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